How we do it

How we raise the money

Of course, being a small non-profit organization, it makes sense that to raise money, we have to have a mission and envisioned programs that will interest and inspire people. See this link to our programming.


All of our board members have experience in fund-raising and we will bring both innovation and 21st century ideas to the task. 

Here's some examples on how you can help this effort. 

  • Of course on both the website and the newsletter you'll see ways you can donate.  A link is HERE that goes to the Network for Good. 

  • You can also just write a check payable to Norwottuck Network, Inc.  to Tom Kelleher, Treasurer Norwottuck Network, 9 Main St Acton, MA 01720

  • And here's a creative new way you can fund this effort. 

Most of you know that that I'm a Realtor here in Mass. I'm a Realtor with a special designation--CRS. CRS = Certified Residential Specialist.  Only 2-3% of Realtors in a given marketplace have this designation. 


You have to have at least 150 transactions to be even considered to be eligible to take the extensive training protocols over a period of months. CRS Realtors are the highest quality and most experienced Realtors in a marketplace. 

We also have a very robust referral network in place, all over the U.S. What that means is, if you are looking a new place, need to sell your current home and then buy a new home--or you have friends or relatives in that situation, then contact me. 

I will find a CRS Realtor who is an expert in your area and someone you'll hit it off with. Someone you can work with and feel confident in all ways.  When you buy or sell with this Realtor, I'll get 25% of their side of the deal. Depending on the situation, I would get a couple thousand dollars after the closing.  I will then donate that to Norwottuck Network to fund our programs. 

Feel free to give me a call: Craig Della Penna. 413 575 2277. Here's the website for my real estate practice.